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Home from Home, and a little more!

Vert et Blanc was set up by us Jackie Needham & David Samuel during 2005 and today we still own and manage the company ourselves.

During 2003 we made the decision to escape the rat race and move to France, whilst touring the Haute Savoie to decide where to live, we met friends for a ski in Chamonix, and immediately fell in love, with the town, mountains, skiing and the lifestyle and quickly realized this was the place we wanted to live.

Having made that decision we bought our chalet and worked for 13 months lovingly bringing the chalet back to life, and up to date, forming a place for friends, families or strangers to gather, kick back and relax, making Vert et Blanc  a perfect place to spend your holiday.

Both coming from service driven careers our complete focus is ensuring that you have a holiday to remember and a desire to come back year after year, we still live on site at our main chalet and are on hand to provide you with all of the information and help you need to enjoy every moment of your stay with us.


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